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   • The 2017 Southern California Avocado harvest is underway and we now carry California Avocado Oils in natural (traditionally called PURE) and in 4 flavors. Most of the harvest is from the Hass Variety, but others such as the Fuerte and Bacon will find their way in during the Fall Harvest.

   • Avocado Oil is made from the meats of the avocado and is not a nut or seed oil. It has the highest smoke point of ALL OILS (550) meaning that you can cook at high heat and not loose the flavor of the infusion or worry that the oil will break down.

   • When baking and the recipe calls for generic ‘vegetable oil’ use Avocado Oil. Turn a white cake into a citrus flavor and bread into toasted onion or roasted chile flavor. Drizzle over roasted vegetables, use in salads, add a small amount to Olive Oil when frying to raise the smoke point.

• We carry the highest quality Avocado Oil on the market and as usual keep the cost down without the fancy bottles and labels.

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 We now carry flavored Avocado Oils
in the following flavors

• PURE (unflavored)

• Key Lime

• Coastal Lemon

• Toasted Onion

• Roasted Chile

(Three 375 ml. bottles of your choice: $74.97)

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