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We offer select varietal
California First Press Extra Virgin Olive Oils
harvested in November of each year.
• No fancy labels
• No fancy bottles
We keep the price DOWN and offer the highest quality ingredients and products

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A Spanish varietal harvested in Tehama County, CA
from trees
over one hundred fifty years old.

The oil is grassy with a black pepper finish perfect for salads or as a drizzle over meat, fish, vegetables, bread dipping and a zillion other ways.
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An Italian varietal, notes of lemon and butter, a gentle oil appropriate for all purpose. 
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The oldest trees and the most complex. 
An intensely grassy oil with a dramatic peppery finish.
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'The Tuscan oil is made from a small grove in northern California using the classic Tuscan Frantoio and Leccinio olives.  The oil is made Tuscan style.  In Tuscany they always got a early frost in late October and they would pick the olives while still green fearing the frost.  This imparts a peppery finish to the oil while retaining the vivid grassy complex flavor.

Our oil has won many awards both in the U.S and Europe and is the equal of any Tuscan oil. Limited supply.

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Taken from the Italian method of adding either herbs, citrus, or peppers along with California Mission Olives from that years harvest.

Using the California Mission Olives gives the oil a grassy complex flavor profile that enhances the Agrumato immeasurably’ The olives and the additional ingredients are minced together and are NOT a flavoring added after the olive oil has been made. This method marries the ingredients and produces a flavored oil that tastes like the herb or citrus or pepper.

Jalapeño tastes distinctly like a jalapeño, ditto the habanero.

The rosemary, basil, and shallot have the distinct flavor of each of the herbs.

The Italian Herb blend is parsley, basil, and oregano.

These flavorful oils, added to a salad or used as a finishing oil over steamed or grilled vegetables, meat, fish and fowl turns a simple dish into something special.

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Meyer Lemon
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flovored oils
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These Concentrates use high quality Olive Oil and are All Natural,
Kosher Certified, and Contain No Chemicals

Roast Garlic
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Italian Herb
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Black Truffle
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White Truffle
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